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Feb. 21, 7:00 p.m. Film & Talk with Al Gurganus - Eisner biographer from North Carolina/USA. To our great pleasure, Prof. em. Albert Earle Gurganus has invited the film and the filmmaker to lead a transatlantic audience discussion. The Eisner biographer - Kurt Eisner - A Modern Life - is a profound expert on the events surrounding the Bavarian Revolution & Räterepublik. His internationalist view of the actors helps us to analyze and classify the events for our political actions today. So let's use this unique opportunity to dare to look beyond the horizon....

Schedule of the Online ZoomMeeting

2:00 pm Welcome Andreas Günther / Rosa Luxemburg Foundation New York Welcome and introduction Al Gurganus

2:15 Film (67 min.)

3:30 Discussion

The film will be streamed on Youtube, the link will be activated shortly before.

Registration requested at Rosa Luxemburg Foundation New York / email address coming soon.

The zoom link will be sent by email after registration. 

Al Gurganus studied German and History at Wake Forest College, the Universities of Chicago and North Carolina, FU-Berlin and LMU-Munich. As department chair of foreign languages at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, he was awarded the FRG Friendship Award in 2010. His Eisner biography was published in 2018. 


Synopsis of the film:

November 7, 1918: Revolutionary night in Munich. After a large demonstration, Kurt Eisner leads the crowd to the barracks. The war-weary soldiers immediately defect. The king and his entourage flee. Without bloodshed, the Free State of Bavaria is born. Subsequently, revolutionary and reactionary forces fight for power with all means. Eisner is assassinated. Two republics of councils are of short duration. The young democracy is vulnerable and fails, bloodily crushed. "There´s a Whisper Spreading round the World" was made in 1988 and interweaves contemporary film documents and interviews. Contemporary witnesses from the anarchist, communist and socialist spectrum speak up such as Benno Scharmanski, Centa Herker, Hugo Jakusch, Sophie Radischnigg, Minna Dittenheber, Emil Meier and Peter Lichtinger, who were already very old at the time. They are children and young people from the working-class milieu who experienced the revolution at close quarters, sympathized with it or fought with it. Both the achievements of the revolution and its failures are addressed. This includes the upheavals within the left as well as the heroines of the women's movement; first and foremost the lesbian couple Anita Augspurg and Lida Gustava Heymann, the revolutionaries Hilde Kramer, Zenzl Mühsam, Sarah Sonja Lerch and Hedwig Kämpfer, the only female judge in the revolutionary tribunal. For those fighting for a just society today, Es geht durch die Welt ein Geflüster raises vital political questions: What utopias do we need today? What to do when freedom is on the street? What kind of world do we want to live in? D 2021 English Version 67 min. Written, directed & edited by Uli Bez Translated by Albert Earle Gurganus/Kurt-Eisner-Biographer "Kurt Eisner - A Modern Life" Camera Petra Gerschner Sound Michael Backmund Production Peider A. Defilla/B.O.A. and Ulrike Bez The interviews with the contemporary witnesses were created in 1988 in a collective collaboration of Ulrike Bez, Petra Gerschner and Michael Backmund in order to preserve and pass on the reports and experiences of the few eyewitnesses still alive. As cinematic documents, the interviews can be seen in full length in the Learning Forum of the NS Documentation Center in Munich.




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